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Turkish occupation of parts of Syrian territories is a violation of international laws, says Czech writer

Prague, (ST) - Czech writer and lawyer Norbert Naxera stressed that the presence of Turkish regime forces on Syrian territories is an occupation and a violation of international laws and charters.

Naxera pointed out in an article published on the Czech website that the Turkish aggression on Syrian territories comes within the framework of expansionist plans to revive what looks like the Ottoman Empire. In addition to stealing the Syrian oil, pointing to the cooperation of Recep Tayyip Erdogan's regime with the terrorist organization "ISIS" in buying and smuggling Syrian oil stolen over years.

Naxera explained that the deployment of the Syrian Arab Army in the border areas with Turkey prevented Erdogan from fully achieving his goals and ambitions, noting the army's ability and high combat experience that emerged in its confrontation and victory against terrorism.

Raghda Sawas