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Turkish parliamentarian: Erdogan is a direct party to the crisis in Syria and Libya, and his policies serve the agendas of the West

Ankara, ST- Otko Jacir Ozar, a member of parliament of the Turkish Republican People's Party, confirmed that the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was a direct party to the Libyan war as he was to the crisis in Syria by supporting terrorist organizations.

"It seems clearly that Erdogan did not draw the necessary lessons from his experience and bad policies in Syria, when he  destroyed this neighbor country and created for Turkey a lot of  internal and external problems," Jacir Ozar said in an interview with the Turkish Tele 1 channel today.

He also stressed that Erdogan's policies in the region serve the agendas of the West in destroying Syria, Iraq, Libya and other countries and aim to achieve ideological personal considerations related to the terrorist "Muslim Brotherhood".

Jacir Ozar expressed his concern about Erdogan's threats to send Turkish forces to Libya, indicating that Erdogan has no friend in the world because many leaders consider him a big problem in terms of regional and international policies.