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The concluding statement of the 14th round of the Astana talk confirms strong commitment to Syrian sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity

The concluding statement of the 14th  round of the Astana talks today confirmed a strong commitment to Syria's sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, stressing the rejection of separatist agendas which  aimed at undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.

The concluding  statement rejected attempts to control the oil fields in Syria and the necessity of returning them to the authority of the state, condemning  the repeated Israeli attacks on Syrian territory.

The statement stressed the need to implement the agreements related to the de-escalation zone in Idlib, in particular the memorandum reached in Sochi in September 2018, and  the need to completely eliminate terrorist organizations in Syria.

The statement underlined the urgency of a political solution to the crisis in Syria in accordance with  UN Security Council Resolution No.  2254, stressing the support of the constitutional discussion committee and refusing to interfere in its work.

The statement stressed the necessity of facilitating the return of the displaced  Syrians to their homeland after the state provided them with  the necessary conditions .

Inas Abdulkareem