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Al-Jaafari: We reject any attempts at interference in Syria’s internal affairs

On December 11, head of the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic to the Astana talks, Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari stressed the rejection of any attempts to interfere in Syria's internal affairs and in the work of the Constitutional Committee.

During a press conference in the city of Nur Sultan, Jaafari said that the American occupation is looting Syrian oil and selling it to the Turkish regime.

Jaafari added that the Turkish regime did not abide by the Sochi and Astana agreements in withdrawing its occupying forces from Syrian territory.

Jaafari said that the Turkish regime's attempts to Turkify areas in northern Syria is a violation of international law.

Jaafari added that Syria will continue to fight terrorist organizations until they are completely eliminated.

Jaafari said: “We reject separatist agendas and any party that  depends on the USA.”

Al-Jaaafri affirmed that the Syrian Kurds are an integral part of the Syrian people. Some Kurdish parties, which follow the dictates of Washington, mustn’t accept being a tool in the US hands to undermine Syria’s territorial integrity.

He said that the terrorist organizations, backed by their sponsors mainly the United States, Britain, France, the Zionist entity as well as the Turkish and Saudi regimes and Qatar, continue their criminal and terrorist acts in Syria, pointing out that every time the Syrian Arab army tries to liberate a Syrian area from terrorism, particularly in Idleb, these countries spare no effort to hinder the army's progress. He stressed that this behavior violates the resolutions of the Security Council which has put Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra and their affiliated terrorist groups on its blacklist.

 O. al-Mohammad