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US Democrats call for subjecting Saudi Arabia to comprehensive inspections if it obtains American nuclear technology

US democrats call for subjecting the states which seek to obtain American nuclear technology, including Saudi Arabia, to international inspections under UN supervision.

Reuters quoted the Democratic aides in Congress as saying today that Saudi Arabia and other countries are seeking to use American technology to develop nuclear power plants and must agree to comprehensive United Nations inspections under the defense policy bill expected to be announced this week.

The American Democratic politician Bradley Sherman demands that the Saudi regime and other countries sign the so-called Additional Protocol and this requires the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency to conduct snap inspection of nuclear power facilities to ensure that countries do not develop materials for nuclear weapons.

 The Additional Protocol significantly increases the IAEA’s ability to verify the peaceful use of all nuclear material in States with comprehensive safeguards agreements.


The American Foreign Policy magazine revealed last July that members of the American Senate are preparing for a joint bill between the Democratic and Republican parties to pressure the Trump administration to disable nuclear deals with the Saudi regime, and the project confirms that the US-Saudi nuclear cooperation agreements lack any restrictive international standards that protect from the spread of nuclear weapons.

Raghda Sawas