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Istanbul witnesses a massive demonstration against Erdogan's policies

On December 8, Istanbul witnessed a massive demonstration against the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s internal and external policies.

Thousands of young people, workers and employees participated in the demonstration in response to an appeal from other political Parties which appealed to all democratic forces in the country to join demonstrations and struggle against Erdogan's policies.

Suicide cases among Turkish youth increased due to Erdogan's economic policies, which lost the Turkish lira more than 40 percent of its value and brought unemployment rates to high levels.

The Erdogan regime continues crackdowns against its opponents in various Turkish cities under the pretext of the attempted coup. Over the past years, thousands of civilians and military personnel have been arrested, in addition to the dismissal of about 150,000 workers in the government, the army, the judiciary, education and other institutions.


 O. al-Mohammad