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Lebanese and Palestinian forces condemn US interference in Lebanon’s internal Affairs

BEIRUT, (ST)- Lebanese national forces and parties as well as the alliance of the Palestinian factions in northern Lebanon have condemned the American interference in Lebanon’s internal affairs.

In a statement following their meeting on Sunday, the Lebanese national parties and the Palestinian factions said “today, Lebanon is facing a sinister scheme by the United States and some western countries in collusion with their tools in the region. The scheme aims at dominating the Arab countries’ resources and wealth to serve the Zionist presence in occupied Palestine.”

“On the opposite side, this scheme is being faced by forces of the axis of resistance which is fighting to liberate the occupied Arab lands and restore the usurped rights and looted resources,” the statement added.

 It pointed out that the developments in the region in the light of the ongoing western economic war aim at keeping the region on fire to divert attention from the real enemy, namely Israel and its agents.

The statement called for speeding up the process of forming a new Lebanese government to end the crisis in the country.

Hamda Mustafa