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Qasim: America and the West are the head of terrorism in the world

On December 7, Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said  that America and the West in general are the leaders of terrorism in the world because they do not see the interests and rights of peoples.

 “There are states  which  work to harm Lebanon, especially the United States, where its Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo says  that he does not want to see Hezbollah in the government and does not want to see Hezbollah in Lebanese political life while Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese people,” Qasim said in a television interview.

Qassem said that the attempts to spread chaos in Lebanon are in the interest of America and the Israeli. The Lebanese people want to solve their social, economic and financial problems.

He said that the Lebanese people are aware and will not implement what the Americans and Israelis want.

 “The successes and victories achieved by the axis of the resistance against the Israeli and terrorism are great achievements that are recorded for us. They want to punish us for it, but they failed,” Qasim said.


O. al-Mohammad