Israeli settlers attack Palestinian farmers south of Hebron

Occupied al-Quds, (ST) - Israeli settlers stormed the village of Yatta, south of the West Bank city of Hebron, on Sunday and assaulted Palestinian farmers.

According to Wafa News Agency, a group of settlers stormed Umm al -Arayes area east of the village of Yatta and attacked Palestinian farmers and prevented them from entering their lands.

Israeli settlers invade Palestinian towns and cities on a daily basis, assaulting Palestinians and destroying their property under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces in order to displace them and seize and Judaize their land.


Palestinian steadfastness in the face of Israeli occupation


On the other hand, the Palestinian position renewed its adherence to its lands and rights and rejection of all Israeli settlement and Judaism plans in the light of the escalation of the war of settlement and Judaization, and the occupation attempts to annex Palestinian lands.

In a statement, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry called on the Security Council to assume its responsibilities and take the necessary measures imposed by international law, the UN Charter and the Geneva Conventions to stop the expansionist colonial occupation plans aimed at annexing the Jordan Valley.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry stressed that the failure to punish the occupation authorities for their violations and crimes against the Palestinian people, land, property and sanctities encourages them to continue in the implementation of its settlement plans and to end any opportunity to establish an independent Palestinian state with al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital.

Spokesman for the Palestinian government Ibrahim Milhem said in a statement to the SANA reporter that the continuation of the occupation will not change the fact that this occupation will end and that the settlement and annexation are void. He said that the occupation and Judaization is an insult to the international community and a violation of the resolutions of international legitimacy, including Resolutions of the United Nations and the UN Security Council, in particular Resolution 2334, calling for an immediate halt to settlement activity in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Not far from the Jordan Valley, the city of Hebron suffers from intensive settlement and Judaization operations. The occupation announced a new settlement plan in the center of the city and another Jewish plan aimed at changing the features of the Ibrahimi Mosque.

Walid Assaf, chairman of the Commission against the Wall and Settlements explained that the first step of the occupation is the establishment of dozens of settlement units in the vegetable market in the center of Hebron, followed by the subsequent steps of seizing Palestinian real estate and shops located in Al-Shuhada Street and displacing Palestinians, pointing out that the occupation seeks through His plans are to take over Hebron city center.

Assaf pointed out that the Israeli occupation, under the encouragement and support of Washington, plans to completely separate the center of Hebron from its surroundings, pointing out that the people of the city are suffering difficult conditions in light of the escalation of settler attacks and settlement and Judaization.

Director of Hebron Endowments Jamal Abu Aram pointed out that the new Judaization scheme targeting the Tomb of the Patriarchs is aimed at changing the features of the campus and trying to obliterate its cultural identity.


Raghda Sawas