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Syria participates in the meeting of the Regional Center for Urban Water Management in Tehran

The Syrian delegation headed by Minister of Water Resources Hossein Arnous, participated today in activities of the Regional Center for Urban Water Management held in Tehran with the participation of delegations from a number of countries and in the presence of Syrian Ambassador to Iran Dr. Adnan Mahmoud.

During the meeting, Arnous said that the Syrian government is working to update the water system despite the conditions of unjust siege and unilateral coercive measures imposed by Western colonial countries on Syria, adding that over the past eight years, the Syrian people have been subjected to an unjust war in which the forces of terrorism have caused enormous damage to the water sector in Syria in general and the sectors of drinking and sewage water in particular, using water as a weapon in its war on the Syrian people.

Minister Arnous expressed hope to benefit from the experiences and techniques developed in the field of urban water management and cooperate in the field of developing special techniques, policies and scientific research in this framework, especially in the phase of the reconstruction of the water system.

In turn, the Iranian Energy Minister Reza Erdakanian highlighted, in a speech during the meeting, the work and cooperation of the Regional Urban Water Center with international and local organizations and institutions to achieve water security.

Ministers and Deputy Ministers from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Switzerland, Oman, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, and Turkey will participate in the meeting which aims to exchange experiences and proposals on the water system.

Inas Abdulkareem