Russian Defense Ministry denies allegations that Russian jets targeted a camp for displaced people in Syria

 On December 2, the Russian Defense Ministry denies claims by the New York Times that Russian planes had targeted a camp for displaced people in Syria.

Russia’s Defense Ministry’s Spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov described the New York Times’ propaganda as ridiculous, rudimentary and pointless accusations based on an anonymous video showing fraudsters from the White Helmets in front of large buildings of an alleged camp for the displaced and containing footage of a blue sky where a Russian plane was supposed to fly and excerpts of Russian phrases attributed to pilots of the Russian Space Air Force.

Konashenkov said that the report stresses that the New York Times journalists have made efforts over many months in what was described as deciphering conversations between Russian pilots in Syria.


He added that Russian pilots are again obliged to remind the applicants of this false news that informing Russian pilots about the coordinates of the targets or reporting on their implementation tasks does not run acoustically in open radio broadcasting.

O. al-Mohammad