Russian experts: The presence of US and Turkish forces in Syria is illegal

A number of Russian experts and political analysts said today that the goal of the US and Turkish illegal military presence in Syria is to plunder the Syrian oil resources and infringe on its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“The United States is using military force to prolong the crisis in Syria as much as possible and to exploit its oil resources to finance what it calls the (opposition)”, Anatoly Seedorf, Dean of the Moscow School of Political Affairs and World Politics, said in an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow.


“The American and Turkish presence in Syria without the approval of its government is an illegal presence and contrary to the principles of international law”, He added.

In a similar interview, Dmitry Danilov, a researcher at the European Security Department at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and a professor at the Institute of International Relations of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the United States is intervening in the Syrian crisis in order to achieve its multifaceted goals and plans to make Trump's slogan ‘America First’ as a key goal for the United States of America.

On the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories, Danilov said that the Russian position is clear and underlines the need to return the territory to the control of the Syrian government in accordance with the Astana agreements and in accordance with the international laws.

For his part, Deputy Chairman of the International Affairs Council in the Russian Presidency Yevgeny Bojinski said that the presence of Turkish and US forces in Syria is illegal and contrary to the rules of international legitimacy and it aims to prolong the Syrian crisis.

Inas Abdulkareem