Israeli warplanes violate Lebanese airspace

On December 2, the Israeli air force renewed its violation of Lebanese airspace, flying heavily over all Lebanese regions.

The Lebanese Army Command said that 11 Israeli warplanes and other reconnaissance aircrafts violated Lebanese airspace from the town of Alma al-Sha'ab up to Jbeil and over the sea west of the town of Naqoura towards the north and up to Chekka and over Beirut.

Earlier on December 1, the Lebanese Army Command announced that four Israeli warplanes and two Israeli warships had violated Lebanese airspace and waters.


On the other hand, on December 2, protests and sit-ins continued in a number of Lebanese regions to demanding the formation of a new government which addresses the living situation and holds the corrupt officials to account.

Protesters blocked the branch of the Banque du Liban in Zahle and prevented employees from entering their work.

Protesters blocked streets of the northern city of Tripoli and asked the governmental employees to leave their offices and close the them.

In Beirut, Sidon and Tire cities, the situation was normal except for some demonstrations that took place without any problems.

Since October 17, Lebanon has been witnessing protests and sit-ins to demanding better situations.


O. al-Mohammad