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Commander of the Lebanese Army: The main task is to confront the greedy Israeli enemy

Commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces, General Joseph Aoun, stressed that the Lebanese army, under these delicate circumstances imposed on it, fulfilled its duty and proved that the military establishment is the umbrella for all the people of the country.

In a speech today to the military men on the occasion of Lebanon's Independence Day,  Aoun said  "You have carried out professionally and responsibly all the tasks entrusted to you besides your primary task in confronting the Israeli enemy, which violates its daily our sovereignty, demonstrating its greed for  our land and waters in addition to confronting terrorism, which is awaiting opportunities to strike civil peace and fuel sedition”.

Aoun pointed out that the awareness of the military men in dealing with the crisis that Lebanon is going through protected Lebanon from chaos and sedition and missed the opportunity for anyone who wants to take advantage of what is happening in Lebanon.

Inas Abdulkareem