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Turkish opposition HDP says Erdogan is a dictator, a fascist who seeks undermining democracy

Turkish opposition's People's Democratic Party (HDP) has called for early municipal and parliamentary elections in Turkey in response to the authoritarian policies of President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In a press conference on Wednesday, the Party's co-chairs, Sezai Temelli and Pervin Buldan, described Erdogan as an “authoritarian, a dictator and a fascist who seek undermining democracy. He is an enemy to peoples not only in Turkey , but also in Syria and Iraq."

 The party co-chairs condemned the Turkish regime's aggression on the Syrian territories and its continuous interference in Syria's internal affairs.

  Buldan and Temelli called for "effective struggle against Erdogan's regime", stressing their refusal to withdraw from the Turkish Parliament and to resign from the chairmanship of municipalities which are governed by the HDP.

Last month, the Turkish regime's authorities detained heads of municipalities who belong to the opposition People's Democratic Party after dismissing them and replacing them with other officials. Such practices come within the framework of the regime's repressive measures to suppress its opponents and prevent them from expressing their opposition to the Turkish government's policies, particularly its aggression on the Syrian territories.

In the meantime, the Turkish Republican People's Party (CHP) stressed that Erdogan's failed policies in Syria pose a threat to Turkey's national security.

Deputy leader of the CHP Sayed Touron told the Turkish People's TV Channel that Erdogan has interfered in Syria's internal affairs and provided all kinds of support for terrorist groups in the country.

On his part, member of the Turkish Parliament for the CHP Sarghin Tanrikolo said that Erdogan is primarily responsible for the crisis in Syria, clarifying that Erdgan has left doors widely opened  for the flow of thousands of foreign terrorists into Syria to fight within the ranks of ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups.

Hamda Mustafa