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Protests and sit-ins continued in Lebanon with the closure of roads schools and banks in some areas

Beirut,ST - Sit-ins and demonstrations continued  today in some Lebanese areas with the closure of roads, universities, schools, and banks, demanding better living conditions and accountability for corrupt people.

In Beirut, the roads linking the capital to the south through Sidon and Khaldeh and the airport road are still closed to cars. Khalda  Aramoun road was closed due to burning tires this morning in addition to several roads inside Beirut.

According to the Traffic Control Chamber, several roads were closed in various areas in Lebanon -at the same time universities, public and private schools and banks were also closed.

In Jounieh, Ghazir and Nahr al-Kalb highway continued to be closed at the tunnel with barbed wire and sandbags, while Jal al-Dib highway was closed to Tripoli and the north since yesterday in both directions and a number of protesters stayed in tents and cars.

In Hasbaya, the international road linking the south with the Beqaa through Marjayoun Hasbani Dahr al-Ahmar was closed with stones and tires.

The Lebanese army and security forces are working to open as many roads as possible, although protesters yesterday laid stones and concrete materials on roads in the south and in the tunnel of the Nahr al-Kalb leading to Tripoli.