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Maliki calls for the accountability of the occupation entity for its crimes against the Palestinians

Occupied al-Quds, (ST) - Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki renewed his call on the international community to take urgent steps to hold the Israeli occupation entity accountable for its attacks and ongoing crimes against Palestinians.

Al-Maliki said in a statement broadcast by Wafa news agency today that the occupation authorities carried out a blatant aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the death of 34 Palestinians and the wounding of more than 113 others, stressing the need to hold Israeli officials accountable for their crimes against the Palestinian people in the International Criminal Court.

Al-Maliki pointed out that the silence of the international community on the crimes of the occupation makes it indirectly responsible for its results, calling for the international protection of the Palestinian people from the crimes of the occupation and to ensure all their legitimate rights to self-determination and the establishment of an independent state.

Raghda Sawas