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With the participation of Syria, the activities of the International Islamic Unity Conference are launched in Tehran

On November 14, the 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference kicked off in Tehran with the participation of delegations from 93 countries, including a delegation from Syria.

The Syrian delegation is headed by the Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Trust Dr. Mohammad Abdul Sattar Al-Sayyed and in the presence of Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mahmoud.

More than 500 participants in the Islamic Unity Conference will discuss the challenges facing the Islamic world and the pivotal issues of its countries, particularly the Palestinian issue.

During the opening of the conference, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said: “All wars and bloodshed and sedition over the past three decades in the region were caused by America and the Zionist entity.”

“The US goal of the deployment of occupation forces in Syria was never fighting terrorism while stealing oil fields was,” Rouhani said.

“America has never been friendly to the region and the Muslim world and did not contribute to solving its issues.”

The Iranian president pointed out that Washington is working to exploit the demonstrations in Lebanon and Iraq and trying to derail them from the right track.


O. al- Mohammad