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There were no terrorist groups in Syria before the West, Turkey and Gulf states' intervention in the country: Sener

ANKARA, (ST)- The wrong and failed policies of the President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyib Erdogan are the main cause of all Turkey's internal and external problems, including the economic and financial crisis in the country, Turkish former Deputy Prime Minister  Abdullatif Sener has stressed.

In a statement to the Turkish "Tele 1" channel, Sener said " Erdogan is responsible for the emergence of all the terrorist organizations in Syria," pointing out that "before the intervention of the West, Turkey and the Gulf states  in Syria there were no terrorist groups in this neighboring country," the Syrian News Agency SANA reported.

He noted that the Turkish regime has provided all support for these armed groups.

 Sener went on to say that Erdogan's overall policies have served "Israel" which is the main beneficiary from the crises in Syria and the region.

Facts and developments on the ground over the past years have proved Erdogan's government's involvement in supporting and funding the terrorist organizations in Syria and other countries. The current Turkish government has turned Turkey into a crossing for tens of thousands of terrorists from all over the world into Syria.

Hamda Mustafa