"Arab Spring" Aims to Fragment the Arab Region- Baqradouni

BEIRUT,(ST)_ Former Lebanese Minister and MP Karim  Baqradouni  stressed that the so-called Arab Spring is Western storms hit the Arab region to fragment it into small states in the service of Israel and that  the Western war being waged against Syria falls within this framework.

In an interview for the Syrian TV on Friday evening  Baqradouni said : Lebanon 's interest lies in  solving the crisis in Syria peacefully as soon as possible  , adding that Syria was able to protect the unity of Lebanon explaining that there is no self- distancing regarding  what is happening in Syria because   what is happening in Syria is practically, and historically  of a direct impact on Lebanon.

He indicated the great volume of  weapon and armed men  sent to Lebanon and then to Syria, funded and ordered by Gulf  countries, pointing to the need  of controlling Lebanese-Syrian border to prevent the entry of militants and weapons into Syrian territory.

He continued that  the Arab League never solved any  Arab problem in its history, and Lebanon suffered from it for fifteen years.

"Israel achieved its objectives without human or material losses, and it is  the main  beneficiary of what is happening in certain Arab countries, without making any war," he added

He went on that  the solution is Syrian and that the Syrians are able to overcome their problems, stressing that the Syrian army foiled all conspiratorial schemes against their country  and surprised everyone by its steadfastness, solidarity and ability to maintain Syria 's unity.

T. Fateh