Jordanian Security Prevented Displaced Syrians Back Home

AMMAN,(ST)_Several Syrians were wounded when Jordanian security forces fired tear gas on displaced  Syrians on Friday in al-Zaatari refugee camp in the northern Transjordan

The Jordanian (Tell me)  on line said Jordanian security forces prevented by force  a Syrian family from escaping from the camp, and riots and violence  widespread during which the  displaced threw stones at the security personnel who responded by firing tear gas canisters.

Five  displaced Syrians, and ten Jordanian security men fainted from inhaling tear gas while a number of Syrians in the camp were arrested , as reinforcements were sent to the security forces from different parts of the camp, which is located near Mafraq city .

Syrians who were displaced by the armed terrorist groups backed by Western countries and the Gulf to the Zaatari camp suffer  difficult humanitarian conditions and are  prevented  from returning back to Syria .

T. Fateh