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Erdogan uses Turkish government institutions to disseminate ISIS books

ANKARA, (ST)- President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been using the Turkish government  institutions to disseminate the books and ideas of ISIS terrorist organization, a behavior that threatens of producing a new generation of terrorists, a former Turkish police officer has revealed.

In a video published by several media outlets, the officer, Ahmet Ayla, who has been working in the counter-terrorism department for 25 years, said that “Erdogan's regime can use the state money to  communicate with many people and brainwash persons at Turkish institutions. To do this, Erdogan promotes radical ideology through marketing books that contain extremist thoughts, he pointed out, according to SANA.

 Ayla added that "Erdogan exploits the government's institutions to disseminate ISIS books, which are bought by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and distributed to Turkish libraries after the seal of the Turkish state is put on them." He warned that such measures threaten to produce generations of terrorists.

Ayla noted Erdogan's tyrannical and oppressive practices against the Turks. He said "the Turkish citizens have great fear of writing any tweet on social media or even speaking out against the regime's practices because this may lead them to prison."

Hamda Mustafa