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Lebanon witnesses more protests due to the deterioration of living conditions

For the fifth consecutive day, demonstrations and sit-ins continued in all areas of Lebanon in protest because of the deterioration of living conditions.

Protesters flocked this morning to Riad El-Solh and Martyrs Square in the center of  Beirut, and the major roads between the capital and the suburbs were cut off. All roads and crossings were closed, especially in the East and North, Tire, Sidon, Marjayoun and Nabatiyeh.

Since 5 am, the main roads in Khaldeh, the entrances of Doha Aramoun, Chamoun, Choueifat, Deir Kobel and Beirut airport highway have been closed in the two directions with obstacles and large stones.

In turn, the Traffic Control Room announced that the roads in Aaliah area were cut off.

In Sidon, protesters blocked a number of main and secondary roads in the city to emphasize their continuing protest.

On Thursday, the Lebanese began their sit-ins and protests due to the deteriorating economic situation in the country and against the Lebanese Parliament’s decisions to impose new taxes, including charges on communications.


Inas Abdulkarreem