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The Cuban Ambassador in Damascus Visits Heritage Places in Homs

Homs, (ST)-The Governor of Homs Talal Al-Barazi stressed during his meeting with the Cuban Ambassador in Damascus Miguel Porto Barga that for many years, Syria and Cuba enjoy exceptional and distinguished relations as a result of the fact that Syria and Cuba face a common enemy, the United States, which wants to dominate the region and that the Palestinian issue is as fundamental to Syria as to Cuba.

He added that Syria, along with many friendly countries, including Cuba, is now making a new history of pride and victory, noting that the economic embargo imposed by the United States of America on the Syrian people and before that on the Cuban people should be considered a war crime by the United Nations.

During the meeting, the Governor briefed the guest delegation on the recovery and safety situation Homs is currently enjoying, stressing that Homs has passed the years of war thanks to the will of its people and the army's sacrifices.

For his part, the ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Damascus Miguel Porto said  that it is his first visit to Homs stressing that Syria, during the war years, presented a model of steadfastness and challenge in achieving victory over global terrorism, that Cuba had  suffered from years ago.

He added that Cuba has suffered from the US blockade for 60 years and today the United States has imposed a blockade on the Syrian people, but the United States has not and will not be able to defeat Syria and Cuba.

The Cuban ambassador said that the United States of America is pursuing an aggressive policy to countries that do not accept submission, including Syria, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Russia and China.

Amal Farhat- Homs