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Nasrallah voices solidarity with Lebanese protesters' demands for finding solution to corruption, faltering economy

BEIRUT- Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement Hassan Nasrallah has rejected calls for the resignation of the Lebanese government amid  countrywide anti-corruption demonstrations provoked by faltering economy, corruption and new taxes being examined as part of Lebanon’s 2020 budget.

In a speech on Saturday Nasrallah explained that the problems in the country were “systematic” and would not be fixed by a change of government, given that the new government would most probably include the same combination of already existing political factions, not to mention the time that will be wasted, according to al-Manar TV website.

 Nasrallah, who  expressed solidarity with protestors' demands and calls for providing serious solutions to their problems, vowed not to allow politicians or anyone to “burn” Lebanon and cause chaos in the country.

He said that demonstrations are spontaneous and independent from any foreign or domestic political influence, warning participants to beware of the rallies being hijacked by political groups.

Nasrallah also called for a new spirit in resolving the country’s problems which he described as a problem of confidence between the government and the people, and warned that if taxes were to be imposed on the poor or other  basic necessities were to go up in price, Hezbollah would act accordingly.

He made it clear that officials must realize the people’s inability to tolerate new taxes and fees, pointing out that “some in power thought that raising taxes can pass again like before, they go for the easier choice, the people’s pockets. However, the demonstrations relayed a strong message to officials that they won’t bear or tolerate that anymore.”

In the meantime, the Lebanese Army Command called on demonstrators to express their demands peacefully and not to allow anyone to attack public or private properties.

In a statement on Saturday, the Command stressed its full solidarity with the rightful demands of the protestors and urged all to cooperate with the security forces.

Hamda Mustafa