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Rouhani: Turkish Military Operation in Northeast of Syria Unacceptable, Destabilizes the Entire Region

 TEHRAN, (ST)- President Hassan Rouhani of Iran has stressed that the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories in the northeast of the country is unacceptable as it further destabilizes Syria and the entire region.

In a press conference on Monday, Rouhani called on the Turkish regime to stop its attacks on Syria, reiterating that all should respect Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity. He called for maintaining the Astana process as it is the right path to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

 Rouhani emphasized that the deployment of the Syrian army in the northeast of the country is the best way to solve the problem in this area.

He affirmed that the main goal in Syria should be fighting terrorism and paving the way for the return of refugees.

Regarding the US sanctions on Iran, Rouhani said "we can decisively announce that the Iranian people have managed to overcome the impacts of the economic blockade after enduring difficult circumstances during the past 18 months.

Hamda Mustafa