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International condemnations of Turkish aggression on Syrian territory continue

The Moravian Czech Communist Party on Monday condemned the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory, warning that it represents a serious act towards a sovereign state and a violation of all principles of the international law.

In a statement, the Party called on the UN Security Council to act quickly and take all necessary measures to stop this aggression and the suffering of civilians.

In turn, Deputy Speaker of the Czech Parliament, the Head of the Party of Freedom and Direct Democracy, Tomio Okamura condemned the aggression, stressing the need to do everything to restore stability to Syria.


For his part, President of the Civic Democratic Party Peter Viala called on the Czech Foreign Ministry to coordinate with other countries to put pressure on the Turkish regime to stop its aggression.

In a poll conducted by Czech Plus Radio on the attitude of the Czech listeners of the Turkish aggression, 95 respondents said that they oppose this aggression.

In Slovakia, the Slovak Communist Party condemned in a statement today the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territory, stressing that it represents a gross violation of the sovereignty of Syria and the international law, as well as a crime against humanity.

In turn, the MP Yaroslav Bashka of the Slovak National Party reiterated that the aggression of Turkey, a member of NATO, on another sovereign state is unacceptable, criticizing the silence of NATO against this aggression.

The Slovak Left Front condemned the Turkish aggression, stressing that it is an illegal act and a flagrant violation of international law and the sovereignty of the Syrian state.


Inas Abdulkareem