Condemnations of Turkish aggression against Syrian territories continue

(ST) –  Arab, regional and international condemnations of the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory continued, asserting that it is a flagrant violation of international law and Syrian sovereignty.

Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek condemned the Turkish aggression against the Syrian territories, calling for an immediate halt to it and warning that it would deteriorate the situation in the region.

The Minister called upon the European Union (EU) and the other powers to exert pressure on the Turkish regime to stop its aggression. He said that securing the Turkish borders should be done in another way rather than through aggression.

For his part, Czech Defense Minister Lubomír Metnar called upon the Turkish regime to stop its aggression and to adopt diplomacy to resolve the problems.

The Czech Green Party also warned that the Turkish aggression on Syrian territories is destabilizing the Middle East and Southeast Europe, calling on the European Union to exert maximum efforts to stop it.

In turn, the European Parliament member of the Czech Republic Ivan David called on the European Union to move quickly to stop the aggression, stressing on the need for an immediate ban of supplying arms to the Turkish regime. He described the stances of the US and many European countries towards the actions of the Turkish regime as a shame.

Czech journalist Markita Kotelova also stressed that the Turkish regime is committing crimes in Syria under the pretext of combating terrorism, noting that this regime is the same that facilitated the entry of thousands of terrorists from different countries of the world to Syria.