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Rouhani: We stand with the People in Syria and Iraq in Rooting out Terrorism

Tehran, (ST) - President Hassan Rouhani affirmed that his country will not allow anyone to attack its territory or violate its borders, pointing out that Tehran through   its steadfastness can pass the difficult road and force enemies to respect its people and state.

"The Americans spread chaos and instability wherever they are while Iran has been able to eliminate terrorism," Rouhani said during a military parade of the Iranian armed forces south of Tehran on the occasion of the Holy Defense Week, indicating his country's support for the people of Syria and Iraq.

Rouhani pointed to the ability of the Iranian people to confront the forces of global hegemony and plans, pointing out that "the farther enemies are away from our region, the more prevalent peace and security."

Rouhani said his country is extending a hand of friendship to its neighbors, and he added that his country will propose an initiative to the UN arming to bring peace to the Strait of Hormuz.

Raghda Sawas.