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Nasrallah Reiterates Right of Lebanese Resistance to Confront Israeli Drones

BEIRUT, (ST)- Hizbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has affirmed the right of the Lebanese national resistance to confront the Israeli drones in order to put an end to the Israeli violations of the Lebanese airspace, vowing more responses to possible drone incidents.

 "We reiterate our right to confront the Israeli drones and our commitment to the current balance of deterrence," Nasrallah said , stressing that downing of the Israeli drone curbed the enemy’s aerial violations.

 He also strongly dismissed malicious allegations about a demographic change in Syria, particularly at the borders with Lebanon, stressing that the return of the displaced locals to the Syrian bordering town of al-Quseir  belie these allegations. He stressed that the Syrian government has provided all facilitations necessary for the return of the displaced Syrians from Lebanon.

Regarding the drone attack launched by the Yemeni forces on the Saudi Aramco oil facility, Nasrallah said that the international reactions to this attack indicate that oil is unfortunately viewed as more valuable than human blood, because the world has made no response to the daily Saudi-led aggression on the Yemeni people, while it strongly condemned Aramco attack which is launched in retaliation to the aggression on the Yemeni people.

He called on those whom condemn the attack on the Saudi oil facility to show the least solidarity with the Yemeni people against the Saudi-led aggression.

Nasrallah called on not counting on the US President Donald Trump's administration, because it is a failed administration with wrong policies in several countries including in Venezuela, China, Syria, Iran and Palestine.

 He warned Trump against war on Iran, saying "any US war on Iran will destroy you".

Hamda Mustafa