Leader Khamenei: There will be No Negotiations between Iran and America at Any Level

Tehran, (ST) - The leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Ali Khamenei, confirmed that the repeated offer of negotiations by the Americans is a trick to impose their demands and prove the impact of maximum pressure on Iran.

"The Americans do not aim through negotiation to reach a just solution, but to impose their demands on Iran and to embody the policy of maximum pressure, which has no minimum value,"  indicating that  all Iranian officials announced with one voice that there will be no negotiations with America neither bilateral nor multilateral, Khamenei said in a speech today.

Khamenei pointed out that "the Americans are floundering in their policies and they are treacherous. They put 12 conditions to negotiate," pointing out that the enemy did everything possible but did not achieve anything and the Iranian people will triumph over all its enemies.

Khamenei said that Iran could return to the implementation of its obligations under the nuclear agreement if America withdraws its words and returns to the agreement that it has broken and then can talk with Iran within the group of countries that signed the agreement.


Raghda Sawas