The Saudi Regime that Financed Terrorism now reaps what it Has Planted, Says Spincerova

Prague, (ST) - Czech journalist Teresa Spencerova said that the Saudi oppressive regime that financed terrorism in Syria, Iraq and other regions of the world is reaping what it planted.

"This regime, which has been waging aggression against Yemen for years, has suffered a painful blow through the attack by Yemeni forces with drones on its oil facilities. I had warned earlier that the Saudis would be prone to such attacks unless they stopped their aggression on Yemen," Spencerova said in a commentary published on the website of Prima TV, pointing out that this attack reveals how weak the Saudi regime, despite spending hundreds of billions of dollars to buy weapons.

Spencerova criticized the silence of the administration of US President Donald Trump towards the continuation of the Saudi aggression on Yemen and the financing of this regime for terrorism, saying that the reason for this silence is the billions that Trump receives from this Saudi regime in exchange for his silence.


Raghda Sawas