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Archbishop Atallah Hanna: Netanyahu's announcement is a dirty exploitation of Arab division

AL-QUDS,(ST)_ Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of al-Quds [Jerusalem] Atallah Hanna has declared that the Israeli occupation exploits the deteriorating Arab situation and the Palestinian internal division to carry out its plots in the Holy land.

He commented on the Israeli Prime Minister's announcement of his intention to annex the entirety of the Jordan Valley and Dead sea as well as his plan to annex all illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank , by saying: "It is a new hostile attitude that could be added to the previous ones. It is also a new attack and a dangerous escalation, which targets our people and our just cause."

"It is a dirty exploitation of the Arab tragic situation as Netanyahu and his groups exploit this situation and practice injustice and tyranny against our people," His  Eminence added in a statement sent to the Syria Times e-newspaper today.

The archbishop asserted that Netanyahu could not reach this level of insolence without the Palestinian internal division  and the Arab tragic situation.

Basma Qaddour