Tunisians campaign against Qatari Emir

More than 25000 Tunisian activists have launched a large campaign on Internet against Qatari Emir for his interference in Tunisia’s internal affairs.

Tunisia recovered $28.8m of "looted assets" from the wife of the deposed president, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. The assets are in personal account of Leila Trabelsi in a bank in Lebanon.

Tunisian president Almarzuki had said that anyone disrespecting Qatar would be responsible according to the law. In reaction, Tunisian activists and opposition members condemned his remarks, and launched a campaign ‘Rape of Qatar.’

Tunisian activist believed that Qatar was playing a hidden role in Tunisian political arena. They have poked fun at sheer size of Qatar in their Face book pages, and wrote that if there were no oil, neither Qatar would not existed.

A day after warning by Almarzuki on criticizing Qatar, the Constituent Assembly members called for vote of no confidence for him.