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Iran envoy: Syrians want reforms under leadership of Bashar al-Assad

Iran's Ambassador to Lebanon GhazanfarRoknabadi has said that the majority of Syrians call for reforms in their country, led by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Speaking in a televised interview, Roknabadi said, "We support the will of Syrians who favor reforms, led by President Al-Assad."

He said all are aware of the country's key role in supporting resistance in Lebanon and the Arab world and it is quite clear to anybody that Syria supports all Arab states.

He emphasized that present conditions are all in favor of Syria and its people. "The explosions and suicide operations are indicative of the inability of armed terrorist groups." Syria faces such plots aimed at toppling the popular system, he added,according to IRNA.

Dismissing rumors that there would be a revolution in Syria, Roknabadi said there are no revolution or revolutionaries in Syria, rather there are murderers which kill people with weapons.

Pointing to the possibility of resignation of the UN envoy on Syria LakhdarBrahimi, Rokanabadi said the crisis in the country has no negative consequences and all have agreed on a political strategy to end the crisis.

Asked whether Iran supports efforts of Brahimi, he said, "We support political solution to crisis in Syria and people are only the decision makers in their country."