Iraq calls for the return of Syria to the Arab League

Iraq called for the return of Syria to the Arab League as to re-participate in its activities, while the Egyptian-Syrian Friendship Association stressed that the return of Syria to the League is "inevitable", describing the freeze of its membership as a big "mistake".

The regular session of the 152 Council at the level of permanent delegates was held yesterday, at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the League for the preparation of  the meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers scheduled on Tuesday chaired by Iraq  from Somalia.


In a speech during the 152nd regular session of the Arab League Council, Iraq's ambassador to Egypt and the permanent representative to the League, Ahmed al-Dulaimi, called for Syria’s return to the Arab League as to pay its role and carry out its activity, because Syria is considered one of the basic and effective countries in the Arab League.

The members of the meeting will also discuss a number of issues mainly the Palestinian one and the Arab-Israeli conflict, in particular, Israeli theft of water in the occupied territories.


On the other hand, the head of the Egyptian-Syrian Friendship Association, Major General Alsayed  Khadr described  the League decision to freeze Syria's membership in 2011 as a big "mistake"


Khader added that the  decision contradicts Alexandria Protocol and the Arab League Charter, where the  second article  stipulates the preservation of the independence and sovereignty of the member states from any aggression.

According to Khadr, Article 8 of the League's charter stipulates respect for the government systems in the countries of the Arab League. He also stressed that it is the time now for the Arab League to correct its course and activate its charter to save the joint Arab action system and to preserve the unity and integrity of the national state from the danger of greediness of the regional states that threatens Arab national security.

In the first year of the Syrian crisis that erupted in March 2011, the League froze Syria's membership under pressure from some Gulf states and the United States.