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Archbishop Atallah Hanna: Netanyahu’s provocative acts come after Lebanese resistance’s success

Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of al-Quds [Jerusalem] Atallah Hanna has said that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s provocative acts comes after his utter failure in the north of Palestine and the success of resistance in Lebanon.

His remark was made during an interview with the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV channel.

“Israel exploits the Arab deteriorating situation and the US bias toward Tel Aviv to Judaize everything,” His Eminence said, asserting that Holy shrines will remain for the Palestinian people in al-Quds and Hebron city.

On her part, the member of the PLO Executive Committee Dr. Hanan Ashrawi said in a press release sent to the Syria Times e-newspaper: “The Palestinian leadership condemns this inflammatory action and considers it a wilful declaration of hostility against the Palestinian people and their basic right to life in dignity and freedom as well as our inalienable right to self-determination.”

Equally, the PLO condemned the use of religious rhetoric to build and expand illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, while justifying the continued land theft as well as the oppression and dispossession of the Palestinian people.

“This highly irresponsible conduct threatens to change the character of this political conflict and plunge it into the abyss of religious strife and conflict,” the PLO added. 

Hebron’s Old City, including the Ibrahimi Mosque, is a World Heritage site under threat, as affirmed by UNESCO since 2017. 

Basma Qaddour