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Iran Opposes Foreign Interference in Syria- Salehi

TEHRAN,(ST)_ Iran Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi stressed his country 's principled stand towards the crisis in Syria, based on supporting political and peaceful means  as the only way to resolve the crisis , adding that the continued status quo threatens other countries.

Salehi said while  receiving a copy of the credentials of the new  Lebanese Ambassador Fadi Al Haj Ali on Saturday  that Iran strongly opposes foreign interference in the Syrian  internal affairs and supporting armed  terrorist groups , adding that the Syrian people are to decide their country 's political fate in the context  of the national interest .

Concerning Lebanese- Iranian relations Salehi indicated  the broad prospects for the development of bilateral relations, especially in economic, commercial, cultural and scientific areas, noting Iran 's support  to Lebanon 's  unity and the good relations it enjoys with all Lebanese parties and political spectrum besides  pursuing  a principled policy in  supporting the Lebanese resistance.

For his part, the Lebanese Ambassador praised the support provided by Iran to the Lebanese government and people in various stages , noting Iran 's key and vital role in the region.


T. Fateh