Jordanian MP: Arabs Unprecedented War on Syria

AMMAN,(ST)_Second Deputy Chairman of the Jordanian House of Representatives Tareq Khoury strongly attacked Qatar and its  ruler Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani for its direct involvement in the war on Syria,  praising Syria 's resistant position  and  the legendary steadfastness of the Syrian Army.

Khoury stressed in blogs  posted on Twitter that Qatar is engaged in the war on  Syria : "unprecedented war financed by Arabs, led by Prince in an emirate which has no history and its name is Qatar."

He sarcastically criticized  the ruler of Qatar, saying: "The prince usurped power from his father in an unprecedented democratic  way nearly twenty years ago and presented to the world the  greatest example of "rotating   of power " and it  is  still to this day."

The Jordanian MP added on Twitter: "Syria has enough pride that Palestine is still its compass , its army did not sell itself to the devil,  and that it maintained the Arabic language , the language of the people of Paradise , while other Arabs  abandoned it  in their  schools and baptized into English instead."

Worthy mentioning that  a number of Jordanian parliamentarians recently criticized the Qatari and Saudi  direct roles in the Syrian  crisis through funding and arming terrorist groups, encouraging  terrorists to commit acts of murder and sabotage, their media  fabrications media about events in Syria, and in inciting Syrian bloodshed via al-Arabiyah and  al-Jazeera Channels owned by Khaleifa and Saud Families.


 T. Fateh