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Nasrallah: Lebanese Resistance to Retaliate against Any Further Israeli Drone Attacks

BEIRUT, (ST)- The Lebanese resistance will retaliate against any new Israeli aggression and will down any Israeli drones that may violate Lebanese airspace, Hizbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah said on Sunday in a televised speech broadcast live marking the 2nd anniversary of liberating the barrens of Lebanon's Arsal near Syria's Qalamoun from terrorism.

Nasrallah made the remarks a day after two Israeli drones crashed in a southern neighborhood of Beirut.

He described the Israeli drone attack on Dahiyeh as very dangerous, clarifying that the Israeli drone has a military nature used by the Zionist army to carry out a suicide attack on a target in the southern suburb of Beirut.

 "Hezbollah will strike Israeli drones over Lebanon and Zionist soldiers must be on the alert and await for our response which may take place at any time on the borders and beyond the borders," he warned.

On the situation in Syria, Nasrallah said that Syria is proceeding steadily towards final victory over terrorism and that Idleb and the East Euphrates region will return to the sovereignty of the Syrian State.

He highly appreciated Syria, as a people, army and government, for the sacrifices offered in the confrontation of terrorism, pointing out that these sacrifices have played a big role in keeping away the danger of terrorism from the Lebanese borders.

Nasrallah went on to say that the United States created Daesh terrorist organization to achieve its colonialist schemes in the region and it has been providing full protection to this organization.

He described the US talk about Daesh regaining strength in Syria and Iraq as very dangerous, noting that Washington seeks reviving the terror group in Iraq so that it has a pretext for its return to the country.

Hamda Mustafa