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Terrorists in Syria Will be Exterminated Soon – Lahyan

TEHRAN,(ST)_ Iran's Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hussein Amir Abdul Lahyan held foreign sides that intervene  in Syria responsible for its  bloodshed .

In a statement to the Iranian Mehr news agency on Friday  Lahyan added that " terrorists in Syria will be exterminated  soon," explaining that the terrorist attacks did not achieve the results and the world will soon witness its failure.

He expressed hope that security and stability will be restored back to the Syrian people , noting  "the situation on the ground in Syria is heading towards a place that the world will see soon the defeat of external forces and terrorists in this key resistance axis country.

"Tehran stands firmly with the axis of resistance ", he said, adding that Syrian people resistance , the opposition inclining  to a political solution and the Syrian government moves into reforms are but the hope in  achieving  political developments in Syria".

T. Fateh