Yemenis Voiced Solidarity with Syria

SANAA,(ST)_ The Yemeni province of Taiz witnessed last night a  youths solidarity  march with Syria's leadership ,people army in the face of the global war targeting  it in  the service of  Zionism.

In a statement read during  the march, the Yemeni youths voiced  support for inter- Syrian  dialogue away from any outside interference or subjugating to the  enemy and its  lackeys of the Arab  petrodollar countries.

 The marchers condemned the assassinations that targeted  religious scholars in Syria and  held countries which recruit terrorists  and support them with money and weapons such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey responsible for these crimes.  

 They chanted slogans against these countries and stressed that attempts to undermine Syria are but desperate and futile.

They strongly condemned the criminal acts carried out by terrorists who have been assembled from around the world to destroy the achievements of an important stage in Syria 's modern  history , stressing  support for the Syrian Arab Army in addressing the barbaric conspiracies  trying to undermine Syria 's ancient history and promising future.


T. Fateh