Syrian Iraqi discussions to boost cooperation in the legal and judicial domains

The Iraqi Justice Minister Amin al-Shwani discussed with the Syrian Ambassador to Iraq Saddam Jadan al-Dandah means of boosting cooperation and coordination between Syria and Iraq in all fields, mainly in justice.

“During the meeting held recently, al-Shwani stressed the importance of  solid  relations between Syria and Iraq as well as the necessity of enhancing  the historical and social ties to serve interests of the two countries”, a statement to the Iraqi Ministry of Justice stated.

“The two sides underlined the necessity of reactivating the agreement on  prisoner exchange between the two countries in accordance with the international standards relating to human rights”, the statement added.

AL-Dandah noted that the activation of cooperation between the Iraqi and Syrian Ministries of Justice and the exchange of law and judiciary expertise will serve interests of the two countries and target the vicious terrorist attack which the two countries are facing.