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Israeli Occupation's Demolition of Palestine Homes amounts to War Crime

Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah has condemned as a “war crime” the Israeli occupation’s demolition of Palestinian homes on the outskirts of the occupied al-Quds, saying such demolitions are the outcome of anti-Palestine plots hatched by the US and its Arab allies.

In a Monday statement, Hezbollah said Israel’s destruction of Palestinian homes in the village of Sur Baher is aimed at expelling the Palestinians from their land and expanding the settlements built on occupied land.

The Lebanese resistance movement further criticized certain Gulf littoral states for rushing towards normalization with Israel.

It said a US-led conference held in Bahrain last month to rally support for US President Donald Trump’s controversial proposal for “peace” between the Israeli occupation and Palestinians amounts to the normalization of Arab ties with the Tel Aviv regime.

The statement also denounced a first ever public meeting between Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifah and his Israeli counterpart Israel Katz in Washington last week, saying it is further proof of Arab normalization with Israel.

The Lebanese resistance movement expressed “disgust” at attempts to harm the Palestinian cause, saying the measures are intended to cover up Israeli occupation crimes against Palestinians in al-Quds.

Palestine: World Must Press ICC to Probe Israeli Home Demolitions

Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Saeb Erekat, has strongly condemned the recent demolition of a cluster of Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds as war crime, calling on the international community to push the International Criminal Court (ICC) into opening an immediate investigation into the incident.

On Tuesday, Erekat called on the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, to implement her mandate under the Human Rights Council resolution 31/36, which demands a database of all business enterprises engaged in Israeli settlement activity in the occupied Palestinian territory, and to strive for international protection of Palestinians living under the Israeli occupation.

He also slammed the measures taken by Israeli authorities to expel Palestinians from al-Quds, including land grab, confiscations of identity paper, revocations of residency status and rejections of family reunification.

International condemnations are pouring in following the Israeli demolition of scores of Palestinian homes in the village of Sur Baher.

The United Nations expressed sadness over the demolitions, saying “Israel’s policy of destroying Palestinian property is not compatible with its obligations under international humanitarian law.”

Meanwhile, the Arab League described the move as “the worst episode of Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people for decades.”

The Arab League assistant secretary general for Palestine and occupied Arab territories, Said Abu Ali, called on the UN Security Council and the International Court of Justice to hold “Israel accountable for its crimes and put an end to its violations of Palestinians’ rights.”

France also slammed the demolitions, saying the Israeli move represents a dangerous precedent and violates international law.

Israel begins destroying Palestinian homes on al-Quds outskirts

Israeli occupation forces have begun destroying homes on the outskirts of the occupied al-Quds, despite international condemnation and mass protests.

Hundreds of Israeli soldiers and police stormed Sur Baher early on Monday and declared the village a military zone, banning journalists from entering.

"Since 2 am they have been evacuating people from their homes by force and they have started planting explosives in the homes they want to destroy," said Hamada Hamada, a community leader in Sur Baher.

Palestinian and international activists, who tried to stop the demolition, were present in the scene and filmed and photographed the work.

Adnan Gheith, the Palestinian governor of al-Quds, criticized the demolitions as a war crime.

In June, Israel’s Supreme Court rejected a petition by the owners to cancel the demolitions. A deadline for the residents to abandon the houses expired on Friday.

Israel claims the owners had failed to obtain “building permits” from the regime.

The residents, however, say they did not need Israeli permission to build their homes because they had received approvals from the Palestinian Authority, which is tasked with running the West Bank’s affairs.

 The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates on Sunday called upon the International Criminal Court (ICC) to launch an investigation into the Israeli occupation’s mass demolitions in the neighborhood.

The ministry also said the Israeli high court's decision “proves that the Israeli judiciary is part of the Israeli colonial mindset and has nothing to do with law, but provides cover and protection to the occupier's crimes and violations.”

The United Nations, which recognizes al-Quds as occupied territory, has urged Israel to halt the demolitions.

"The continuation of this policy undermines the viability of the two-state solution and the prospect for a lasting peace," the European Union said in a statement.

Israeli forces injure scores in al-Quds

Meanwhile, tens of Palestinian people were injured during clashes with Israeli forces in the village of Isawiya in the occupied al-Quds.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society said the Israeli occupation forces attacked paramedics and prevented them from transferring the injured people, leaving one of the paramedics wounded by a rubber bullet.

EU urges Israel to 'immediately' stop Palestinian home demolition

In a related development, the European Union on Monday urged Israel to immediately halt the demolition of Palestinian homes on the outskirts of the occupied al-Quds, saying such activities undermine hope for “a lasting peace” in the region.

"In line with the EU's long-standing position, we expect the Israeli occupation authorities to immediately halt the ongoing demolitions," said a spokesman for the EU's foreign policy arm, which represents the bloc's 28 member states, AFP reported.

"The continuation of this policy undermines the viability of the two-state solution and the prospect for a lasting peace..."

Palestinians accused Israel of using security as a pretext to force them out of the area as part of long-term efforts to expand settlements and roads linking them.

France condemns Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes

France, for its part, has also condemned a Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes, saying that the destruction set a "dangerous precedent" and violated international law.

"France condemns the demolition by the Israeli army of several buildings in the area of Wadi al Hummus, in the southeast of Jerusalem," a statement from the French Foreign Ministry said as quoted by AFP.

"These demolitions have taken place for the first time in an area controlled by the Palestinian authority under the Oslo Accords. They represent a dangerous precedent, which poses a direct threat to the two-state solution," it added.