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40 Palestinians Injured by Occupation Forces during “Golan Is Arab, Syrian” Marches in Gaza

OCCUPIED Al-Quds – 40 Palestinians sustained injuries and suffered asphyxiation in the besieged Gaza Strip due to attacks by Israeli occupation forces against participants in the 57th Friday Return March, which was titled “Golan is Arab, Syrian", according to SANA.

Occupation forces used live rounds and gas grenades against participants in the marches east of Gaza and in Jabalia, al-Braij, Khan Yunus, and Rafah, injuring 40 of them.

 Since the Return Marches began on March 30th 2018, a total of 280 participants in the marches were killed by the Israeli occupation forces, while more than 30,000 sustained injuries and suffered asphyxiation from gas used by the occupation forces.