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Huge Powers Don't Want to Facilitate Syrian Refugees Return: Patriarch Al-Rahi

 BEIRUT, (ST)- Lebanese Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi has stressed that some influential countries don't want the Syrian refugees to return home.

"The problem today lies with the huge powers, since they do not want to facilitate the refugees return. These countries insist not to separate the refugees case from the political solution in Syria. However, if the status quo persists, it foretells of future risks," Patriarch al-Rahi said during his meeting on Friday with a German delegation from the "Abraham Group" led by Prof. Stefan Feymor, accompanied by a delegation from the World Forum for Religions and Humanity.

 "Unfortunately, the Middle East is witnessing the imposition of foreign policies that justify wars, conflicts and fighting, and therefore the separation between the region's constituents, which is known as a land of peace and love, to become today the land of international conflicts," al-Rahi added, as quoted by the Lebanese National News Agency (NNA).

"We have repeatedly expressed our position on the return of refugees and displaced persons to their land for the sake of our mutual interests...Our small country can no longer bear this burden," Rahi emphasized.

Hamda Mustafa