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Saudi Arabia Had US Green Light for Mass Executions

Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has strongly condemned Saudi Arabia over beheading 37 of its nationals, stressing the Riyadh regime had the US carte blanche for the “heinous” mass executions.

The political bureau of the movement, in a statement released on Thursday, said the sentences were carried out because the individuals had committed no sin other than reject Al Saud’s injustice and tyranny.

The statement highlighted that the policy of killing and suppression of people with an iron fist is a criminal approach long being exercised by the Saudi regime, adding that the ruling family in Riyadh has resorted to such a practice in a bid to cling to power.

 “The history of the Saudi regime is awash with criminality. Brutal crimes being committed by the Saudi regime against its own nationals and other nations are a proof for its downfall and moral bankruptcy ... Without support from America, the Saudi regime would not have dared to commit such crimes,” Ansarullah pointed out.

The Yemeni movement then called upon all freedom-loving people around the world to reject Saudi Arabia’s repressive and aggressive policies, and to criminalize the Riyadh regime’s suppression of its own people as well as its ongoing atrocious military onslaught against Yemen.

Amnesty International later censured the mass executions, saying they mark an alarming escalation in Saudi Arabia’s use of the death penalty.

 “Today’s mass execution is a chilling demonstration of the Saudi Arabian authorities’ callous disregard for human life. It is also yet another gruesome indication of how the death penalty is being used as a political tool to crush dissent from within the country, said Lynn Maalouf, the Middle East Research Director at Amnesty International.