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PA Speaker: The Syrian People are Determined to Achieve Victory Whatever the Sacrifices

Baghdad - Speaker of the People's Assembly, Hamouda Sabbagh confirmed that the Golan is Syrian Arab territory and that the Syrian people will never enjoy bliss before liberating the last inch of this precious part of the homeland. He stressed that the hegemonic forces have tested Syria, its people and its army for the past eight years and no doubt that these forces know the reality of this proud people who will never waste a single grain of dust from its land.

"The most important thing in this meeting is that we represent peoples with common awareness and common concepts and look forward to a better future for this region, the future of peace and cooperation, respect for the wills of each other and the leaders of our peoples and nations, and renounce violence, terrorism and interference," Mr. Sabbagh said on Saturday in a speech at the Conference of Parliaments of Neighboring Countries in Baghdad.


 "The great principles are covered by international law, and all peoples aspire to them wherever they are because they are the principles for achieving an indispensable environment that enables them to reach what God has created for them and to send his prophets to achieve it, the human, good and just society," he pointed out.

Mr. Sabbagh explained that the peoples of this region were, at all stages of history, the exclusive power of empires inspired by hegemony but at the same time was the vanguard of the forces calling for harmony, justice and peace ... because peace that is not built on justice is merely submission and surrender which is contrary to the essence of this region and its human culture..

"What is happening today in our region, which includes great and ancient nations, is not new and the struggle of our peoples in the face of hegemony and Zionism and all kinds of injustice and darkness is not new as well as here ages grew and ended and here were born empires and died … Our peoples remained the master of the earth and fate, indicating that the dominant pole system to the demise… It is necessary to create a more balanced and rational international order. This is the approach of history, which is the rule that seems to never depart from it," the PA Speaker said.

He added that the meeting of our people today is an urgent need for all of us to face the common challenges we face at one of the most difficult stages of history. The Syrian people are aware of these facts by virtue of its historical entity and its deep Arabism and understanding of the essence of events.

The enemies of human and humanity have tried to make Syria a hotbed of the world's worst mercenaries and criminals who used all kinds of weapons made in history against the Syrian people, he said

They recalled the worst images of barbaric invasion in history, but the people and the brave Syrian Arab army stood up and offered convoys of martyrs on the altar of the homeland, this is their fate and this is their choice, the latest innovations of America, NATO and World Zionism will be buried in the pure land of Syria and in the land of Iraq, the PA Speaker stated.

Mr. Sabbagh stressed that the Syrian Arab people is determined to achieve the ultimate victory over terrorism regardless of the sacrifices. They continue to fight terrorism for the good and the good of the region and the world, demanding respect for the independence and sovereignty of Syria and the withdrawal of all the forces that entered its territory without the legitimate permission. There is no future for any kind of occupation in Syria and its people will not hesitate to liberate the last inch of the homeland, starting from the words of President Bashar al-Assad: "Every inch in Syria will be freed from the terrorists and all the occupiers in the Syrian territory and we will deal with each occupier as an enemy."

Sharif al -Khatib