Parliaments of Iraq’s Neighboring Countries Affirm Need to Combat All Forms of Extremism

BAGHDAD, (ST)-Participants in the Conference of the Parliaments of Iraq’s Neighboring Countries, which concluded its activities on Saturday in Baghdad with the participation of Syria, have stressed the need to fight all forms of extremism, particularly because peoples of the region are the side which is suffering the repercussions of this dangerous phenomenon.

In a communiqué, the participants expressed their support for the stability of Iraq and for preserving Iraq's territorial integrity and national unity, especially after it has achieved victory over Daesh terrorist organization. They affirmed that Iraq's stability is necessary for the stability of the entire region.

 The communiqué reiterated that Iraq's victory over Daesh terror organization forms a common ground for all peoples of the region to start a new phase of constructive cooperation and to support social dialogue in order to build future understanding based on the principle of supporting development and investment as well as building a network of integrated relations among countries of the region.

Ealier, Syria's People's Assembly Speaker Hammouda Sabbagh said that peoples of the region have always called for justice and peace despite being targeted by hegemony forces, because the peace that is not based on justice will be a kind of surrender and subordination.   

Hamda Mustafa