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Zarif Says Friendly Ties with Neighbors Iran's Priority

Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said on Wednesday that the priority of Iranian government is to form friendly relations with the neighboring countries and Iran has been successful to do so.

Iran and Turkey held some meetings about mutual relations providing a good opportunity for discussing regional and international issues as well, said Zarif.

He added that the latest developments in Idlib, presence of US forces in Syria and the Syrian political situation, Venezuela and US illegal interventions in that country, and the situation in northern Africa were also discussed.

He thanked the friendly nations for their opposition to US 'illegal' move to designate the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps as a terrorist group.

He said that the US decision has been due to the influence of the Zionist lobby on Washington's policies.

Zarif said that Iran and Turkey signed agreements in five fields, including creating a mechanism like INSTEX for bilateral ties and energy.

Zarif made it clear that Turkey is interested in serious cooperation on economy, and regional and international policies with Iran.

He added that Iran has great ties with many other neighbors, for example Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.